‘As an Israeli who lives in Israel, no-one here believes a two-state solution could ever work’

Headshot of Benjamin Netanyahu in front of the Israeli flag
''It's time to stop blind support for Netanyahu and begin peace talks,' says one Telegraph reader - Abir Sultan/Pool European Pressphoto Agency

February 2024 marks four months since the deadly Oct 7 attacks in Israel and the subsequent breakout of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

With no clear end to the fighting in sight, the question arises: how might the war end and what might the results be?

Telegraph readers have weighed in on possible outcomes and how they think each might impact the wider long-term prospect of peace in the Middle East.

‘There can be no peace whilst Hamas are around’

Many readers agree with Benjamin Netanyahu’s position that the solution to the war is Israel doubling down and entirely defeating Hamas.

‘Will we be dragged into yet another Middle Eastern war?’

Many readers realise that the conflict is not isolated to just Gaza and debate the outcomes of a wider regional proxy war.

‘It’s time to stop blind support for Netanyahu and begin peace talks’

Given the human impact of the war, some readers would rather see an immediate de-escalation of the conflict.

‘A viable Palestinian state free from Israeli oversight will solve this’

Readers also addressed ways to ensure long-term stability and peace for the region. Some readers do still believe that a two-state solution is possible, though they have different visions for how this might be realised.

‘No-one in Israel believes a two-state solution could ever work’

Others have joined the growing number of people who only see the possibility of a one-state solution. The main certainty amongst supporters of this outcome is that two states who vehemently hate each other and are armed will always result in conflict. As to who should occupy the land itself or control the government, readers are very much conflicted.