Israel-Hamas war: Latest updates as Netanyahu warns of ground offensive soon

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IDF tanks roll into Gaza ahead of an anticipated ground assault. (IDF)
IDF tanks roll into Gaza ahead of an anticipated ground assault. (IDF)

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said a ground offensive in Gaza is imminent while giving scant details on when it will happen.

In an address in which he described Hamas as "doomed", Netanyahu said: "I want to make it very clear, the timing of the operation of the IDF is unanimously determined by the cabinet that runs the war along with the chief of the general staff.

"We work in order to secure the best optimal conditions for their next operations."

He also suggested there may be several invasions, adding in his public address on Thursday evening: "I will not elaborate on when, how or how many."

His comments came after Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza for a "raid" ahead of the planned ground invasion.

The United States and other countries are urging Israel to delay a full invasion while Gaza itself is reeling from almost three weeks of Israeli bombing triggered by a mass killing spree in southern Israel by Iranian-backed Hamas, which runs the besieged enclave.

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