Israel-Hamas war: Bewildered soldiers sob at funeral of 20-year-old Israeli - as mourner describes kibbutz battle

Israeli soldiers attending the funeral of a 20-year-old colleague looked bewildered and exhausted.

Many sobbed, so too did strangers, stunned by what their country is going through.

Staff Sergeant Lavi Lifschitz served in the Givati Infantry Brigade's reconnaissance unit.

The 20-year-old, from Modiin, was killed in action on Tuesday, the IDF said.

Hundreds of people filled his funeral at Mount Herzl Military Cemetery on Wednesday.

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His friend who served alongside him wept as he looked haunted by the gravity of the moment.

"The situation is crazy. We've never witnessed something like this," he said.

"We're just kids. We don't know life…These days are the toughest I've been through," he told me.

Among the crowd was one man on crutches. He didn't want to be identified, but told me he'd been in a battle in Nahal Oz kibbutz and had tackled Hamas face-to-face.

"We fought there for about four hours or so and there were maybe 20 or 30 Hamas against us? We're only five and somehow we survived," he said.

He said he was convinced they would win the war too.

"I think we have every means and moral justification to win it," he added. But they all know there could be a heavy loss of life.

The IDF says 15 soldiers were killed in ground operations on Tuesday. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out any possibility of a ceasefire.

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Across the city in Arnona in West Jerusalem, Mitchell Barak, a pollster who was an assistant to Mr Netanyahu in the early 1990s, and also worked for former prime ministers Shimon Peres and Ariel Sharon, has little faith in Israel's leader.

"He is in a problem because the veil of incompetence has been revealed and many Israelis woke on October 7th to find out that Mr Security, the world expert on terrorism, was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme," Mr Barak said.

It is Joe Biden he believes will save Israel - "He is the responsible adult in the room," he declares.