Israel-Gaza war: Families of Hamas hostages say they are 'constantly thinking' about them in plea for their release

The families of three hostages who appeared in a video released by Hamas have made emotional appeals for their release - saying they are "constantly thinking" about them.

The worried loved ones have taken part in a news conference hours after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a Hamas video of the three female captives "cruel psychological propaganda".

Mr Netanyahu identified the three women as Yelena Trupanob, Danielle Aloni and Rimon Kirsht.

The prime minister later told a press conference Israel would not agree to a ceasefire in Gaza, as it would be equivalent to "surrender" to "Hamas and terrorism".

Speaking from Tel Aviv, the family members set out their fears for their loved ones in Hamas captivity.

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'It is a crime against humanity'

Danielle's father, Ramos Aloni, was the first to address the conference.

Another one of his family members, a woman called Sharon, is also missing, he said.

He said there are only four members of his nuclear family out of 10 that are left following attacks by Hamas on 7 October.

"I'd like to stress that to hold women, children and the elderly captive - it is a crime against humanity," he said.

"To Danielle and Sharon... girls we see you, we love you, we hear you, we are thinking about you every second.

"Everything we do, we are constantly thinking about you and we are going to bring you back home."

The mother of Rimon said she was concerned as her daughter appeared in the video without her glasses, and has not been able to see for at least 24 days.

"I saw the video today, and I'm worried. Rimon was without her glasses... she cannot see anything [without them]."

"They must send urgent medical help to them."

'Time is running out' plea to President Biden

Two representatives of the Trupanob family also spoke at the conference.

One man addressed how the "entire family" had been killed or captured in Hamas's attacks.

"Today we saw a video where Yelena was seen alive, this is our first proof of life, and we are so happy," he said.

He urged the Red Cross to conduct a medical check on Yelena immediately.

"There are still 239 people being held hostage in Gaza right now," he said.

"24 days have already passed. How is it possible? How are they not free?

"No other country in the world would settle for this. What if this was your citizen? What if they were your friends?

"What if the entire family in the house next to you had been taken into Gaza? What would you do?"

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He said as a joint Israeli and US citizen, he appealed directly to President Biden to do everything in his power to bring the hostages home.

"They are real people, with beating hearts, waiting to be free," he added.

"Time is running out but it is not too late to save a life.

"Together our voice can bring them all home now."

Earlier on Monday, Israel's Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed a female Israeli soldier being held hostage in Gaza had been rescued.

Relatives angry with Israel's prime minister

One of the women addressed an angry message to Mr Netanyahu earlier today.

Danielle Aloni accused him of failing to protect the more than 200 people in Israel who were taken hostage during the deadly Hamas attack on 7 October and failing to get them back home.

She also called for an agreement to secure the release of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

"You were supposed to free all of us. You committed to free us all. But instead we are carrying your political, security, military, diplomatic failure," she said.