Israel-Gaza: For some, a ceasefire won't matter

Hamas is saying that they expect a ceasefire to halt the conflict sweeping Israel and the Palestinian territories within days.

And an Egypt security source says both sides have agreed to one in principle, working now on the details - Egypt being one of the central countries trying to find a diplomatic end to it all.

But for one Israeli family, it doesn't matter. Albina Ben Dakon, from southern Israel, says a rocket from Gaza tore through their home, wounding her father.

"I don't want a ceasefire, because I know what this will lead to. This isn't the first ceasefire. We've had so many ceasefires like that, and it always happens again. I don't think this ceasefire will help anything, because -- in conclusion -- we're here in the south. And the Israeli communities surrounding Gaza, we're the main victims. We get these 'raindrops' of rockets. Though it's true that recently, and in the past few days, the whole country got hit with rockets... just like we always do."

On the other side of the border in Gaza, Majed Jaber feels the same. He was wounded in an Israeli air strike.

"It hit our neighbor's house, Abu Khalil Isleem, who works here in Shifa hospital, who has nothing to do with anything, nor do we. Why is this, we do not understand. What we demand is no ceasefire, or anything. We either all die or all live and that's it."

Any ceasefire is unlikely to address the long-running issues that sparked this conflict.

Israel says it will stop only when it's reached its objectives.

Meanwhile, in Washington a number of congressional Democrats have introduced two bills which, if passed, would block a $735 million arms sale to Israel.

The proposed legislation is unlikely to gain any traction however, as past arms deals have had wide bipartisan support. The bills would be a symbolic statement.

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