Israel is committing ‘apartheid’ against Palestinians, Human Rights Watch says

An International rights watchdog accused Israel on Tuesday of committing apartheid against Palestinians, a claim denied by the Israeli government. The New York-based Human Rights Watch’s 213-page report, titled “A Threshold Crossed,” states: “In most aspects of life, Israeli authorities methodically privilege Jewish Israelis and discriminate against Palestinians.” It adds: “Laws, policies, and statements by leading Israeli officials make plain that the objective of maintaining Jewish Israeli control over demographics, political power, and land has long guided government policy.” The Israeli Government dismissed the report as “preposterous and false,” according to multiple reports. Tensions in East Jerusalem have risen in recent days. Violent clashes between Jewish extremists, Palestinians and Israeli police have left more than 100 people injured. In this video, Palestinians can be seen throwing fireworks in the street after the Israeli police using water cannons to disperse the crowd (April 23). Further footage filmed in the Saraya area in the central Gaza Strip shows Palestinian youths lighting fires in the street and chanting (April 24).