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This magical beach blanket that repels sand and water is on sale for just $12

What is it?

The unofficial end of summer may be here, but that hasn't stopped temperatures from rising. It does mean, however, that it's time to make the most of these last few weeks of the season. Right now we're taking stock of what tools might truly elevate those sunny, daydreamy days on the beach and beyond. This magic carpet is one of them: Keep sand out of your bags, away from your personal nooks and crannies and off your lounging space once and for all with the Isopho Waterproof and Sandproof Beach Blanket.

This brilliant sandproof towel is also water-resistant. (It's made of 210T polyester, which repels water better than an umbrella!)

$12 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Right now you can grab it for as low as $12 (45% off!) at Amazon — but you better grab it quick before the end-of-season sale ends!

Why do I need this?

This oversized towel is designed to repel sand, so that you're not constantly wiping it off when you want to lie down and catch some rays, and it'll stay unsullied when you're ready to wrap it up and call it a day. It's sand-proof and water-resistant, plus it doesn't get picked up by the wind.

It's made of 210 polyester, which repels water even better than an umbrella, and easily shakes off any sand that gets on it. It's spacious, too — big enough to fit three to five people. Not a beach bum? The Isopho will also be your best friend at a picnic, or as an anytime waterproof cover whenever and wherever rain threatens.

This amazing blanket comes with four anchors to keep it from flying off on windy days and a drawstring bag for easy carrying. It's also super low-maintenance. It folds up really small, so you don't have to lug around a large blanket with you, and you can just chuck it in the washing machine after your al fresco adventure.

a family on the orange beach blanket
At nearly 7 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, there's plenty of space for your whole family to stretch out on this beach blanket. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

Over 600 bathing beauties have given the Isopho a perfect review. "Love this blanket," shared a shopper. "We have taken it hiking, on a picnic and to the beach. It is everything that it says it is. Lightweight, folds small, water-resistant and easy to clean. Would definitely purchase again."

"A must-have for the beach," says a reviewer. "This is a nice size for a few people and their stuff. It keeps things off the sand, is easy to pack in a beach bag and dries quickly."

"Awesome beach blanket," echoed another. Though FYI: "I did buy better stakes for the blanket, as the ones that it came with were not great on a very windy day."

A third chimed in: "These are hands-down the best beach blankets available. They’re big, lightweight, fold small, stay put, easy to brush off...perfect!"

The more the merrier with this blanket — it's big enough to fit 4-7 people. Choose from four fun colors!

$12 at Amazon

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