'We Are Isolated': Flooded Creek Washes Away Scaffoldings of 125-Year-Old Bridge in Southern New South Wales

Scaffolding on a heritage-listed bridge in the South Coast of New South Wales fell into a fast-flowing flooded creek, on March 23, cutting local residents’ key transport route.

Yui Sapporo filmed a video that shows parts of the Pretty Point Bridge in Wyndham being washed into Mataganah Creek.

Sapporo told Storyful on the Thursday that the bridge linked to the main road and that other nearby routes had also been closed due to the flooding.

“We are isolated,” Sapporo said.

The Pretty Point Bridge had been under repair, according to Sapporo, after the area had been affected by bushfires in February 2020.

Bega Valley Shire Council said on Wednesday that floodwaters had started to recede but advised local residents to “take extra care” as roads and footpaths were slippery. Credit: Yui Sapporo via Storyful