Ismail Izzani doesn't want to explain anything about recent kissing controversy

28 Nov - Ismail Izzani is not denying that the man seen kissing a woman in a video shared on TikTok recently was him, but that he has no interest to explain himself.

The singer recently took to Instagram Story to address the issue, saying that he is moving forward and fixing himself.

"I don't need to explain anything cause people won't care about what's right or wrong and I don't want to waste my time for that," he expressed.

Ismail stated that he will admit his mistakes, and denied that he is running away from the media, just that he doesn't want to waste time explaining things when he has already admitted his wrongdoings.

"And to all the media, if you want to say that I didn't dare to face my own mistakes, you are wrong. All you want is the ratings and the gossips. You weren't that interested in me when I released my album this year," he added.

He also added, "I'm sorry for all my wrongdoings. Can't promise you anything, but I'll be better for myself."

Ismail is the son of singer Suliza Salam
Ismail is the son of singer Suliza Salam

(Photo Source: Ismail Izzani IG)