'Islamist terrorist' behind Vienna attack - Interior Minister

Nehammer repeated calls for the public to stay at home on Tuesday (November 3) in an early morning televised news conference, as he said that one attacker, heavily armed and wearing an explosive belt, was an Islamic State sympathiser.

"The attacker we examined was equipped with an explosive belt, which turned out to be a fake trap, and was heavily armed, carrying an assault rifle. The attacker was a sympathizer of the IS terror group," Nehammer said, adding that the attack was an attempt to weaken or divide Austria's democratic society.

"The attack yesterday is an attack on precisely these values and is an absolutely useless attempt to weaken our democratic society, or to even divide it," he added.

Gunmen attacked six places in central Vienna on Monday evening, starting outside the main synagogue. Witnesses described the men firing into crowds in bars with automatic rifles, as many people took advantage of the last evening before a nationwide curfew was introduced because of COVID-19.

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