Islamic preacher PU Azman says false eyelashes ‘haram’, actress Rozita Che Wan seeks clarification

Melanie Chalil
The celebrity preacher says eyelash extensions have an element of fraud. — Instagram/PU Azman, Rozita Che Wan

PETALING JAYA, Sept 11 – False eyelashes are classified as haram, claims Islamic preacher PU Azman Syah from Astro’s religious reality programme, Pencetus Ummah.

In a series of dos and don’ts on Instagram, the celebrity preacher explained that eyelash extensions and false eyelashes are haram because there are elements of excessiveness.

“There is an element of fraud. The wearer wants other people to know it’s her lashes but in fact, it isn’t.

“If the wearer has no such intentions it’s still haram because others believe it’s her natural lashes, therefore there is an element of deception,” wrote the programme winner yesterday.

He also added that it was illegal to change God’s creation.

Known for her love of dramatic false eyelashes, actress Rozita Che Wan took the opportunity to ask the preacher about the popular beauty trend.

“@pu_azman, what if people already know that they’re false eyelashes? How?” the Kiah Pekasam actress asked.

PU Azman subsequently responded to the actress’ inquiry explaining that “It still is categorised as excessive makeup. But wear it at home for husbands to gain ‘pahala’ (religious reward for good deeds).”

PU Azman suggests that wives wear false eyelashes at home for their husbands. — Instagram/PU Azman

Following PU Azman’s clarification, social media users flooded the comments section to praise Rozita’s natural beauty.

“Che Ta, you’re already naturally beautifully,” @ichamalissa commented, using the actress’ nickname. 

“You’re pretty even without makeup,” added @mma3anak.

Other Instagram users such as @bungacinta1w3 pointed out the impracticality of PU Azman’s advice.

“Which husband would want to see his wife wearing false eyelashes at home? In this working era too, when they reach home it’s already nighttime.

“Off days are spent cooking, fake eyelashes will melt if you wear them while cooking,” he wrote.

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