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Is this a mistake? Amazon's top-selling massage gun is down to $22

Finally got your fitness regimen in gear? Great, but we're gonna guess you're feeling a little ... creaky. The latest and greatest gadget you'll want to add to your cart is the top-selling Aerlang Massage Gun. It relieves all manner of soreness, stiffness and tension, from head to toe. Speaking of relief: Somehow it's just $22. We’ll take two, please! One for ourselves, and one as a gift.

Masseuse? You don't need no stinking masseuse! With this massage gun, you can get a spa-like rubdown right at home.

$22 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

It's hard to put a price on comfort, but if you take a look at Amazon, most massage guns cost at least $50 — usually more. Scoring this one for its normal price of $27 is great, but with this deal, you're paying less than half of what you'd pay for the competition.

Why do I need this?

The handy massager works deep into muscles to alleviate tension, work out kinks and generally relax the body. It does so by stimulating the circulation of blood and releasing lactic acid in the muscles, thus easing your stiffness. The 20 speed settings, ranging from 1,600 to 2,600 rpm, allow you to customize the action. For even more customization, the massage gun comes with six heads that are designed to target specific muscles and body parts. It's almost silent, so there's no loud commotion when you're trying to wind down.

Another plus: The bright design of the device's LED screen makes it easy to see the battery level and the mode the massager is working in. It’s also a touch screen, so you can adjust your settings on the fly without having to fiddle with dials or buttons.

With Christmas coming up, this makes a great gift for anyone in the family, but especially someone prone to aches and pains. If you know someone who spends all day sitting in front of a computer, this can help work those knots out of their shoulders. And weekend warriors will love using this post-workout.

massager, woman using massager at gym
Is your body telling a tale of achy, stressed-out woe? Get ready for sweet relief.

What reviewers say

This treasure has nearly 15,000 five-star fans who have lots of praise.

One impressed customer wrote: "I don't write many reviews, but I needed to today. I had so much neck and shoulder pain, it was crippling. I was debating a chiropractor but wanted to give this a shot first. If you have pain, this will get in where you need it with the different heads, and it will break up everything. After it was all done, using it two to three times a week where it was hurting and cracking, I felt like I had a whole new back and neck. 1,000,000% recommend."

"This is the best thing on the planet! What one gets for the price point is worth ten of them," one happy shopper explained. "Great battery life and more attachments than I know what to do with."

The affordable massage gun even has shoppers who'd used pricier models switching over to the Aerlang.

"I had one of those expensive 'name brands' (you know the one), and this little inexpensive version is every bit as good," a five-star reviewer said. "Comes with several attachments for whatever muscle is sore. I like the little arched paddle for my quads. Buy it!"

"One of the best things I've ever bought," another grateful user said. "Only downside is when the charge drains just a little, you can tell in its performance — but otherwise this thing is amazing."

We dare you to find an ache on your body that this thing can't alleviate. Go ahead ... we'll wait.

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$21 at Amazon

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