Irishwoman Pops Up in Car's Backseat to Surprise Her Best Friend After Three Years Apart

While an Irishwoman was recording a video in a car to send to her friend, who she thought was in Australia, that friend suddenly popped up in the backseat, leading to shrieks of joyous laughter.

Katie was recording video for her friend Helen, and can be heard saying, “Love you, Helen!” Helen then pulls the covers off herself and pops her head out of the backseat, saying, “Love you too!” to Katie and their other friend Myriam.

Helen had surprised Myriam the day before and had enlisted her help to surprise her friend, which took place while Katie was waiting to pick up her boyfriend in County Wicklow.

Describing Katie’s reaction to seeing her after three years apart, Helen said it was “the best reaction ever caught on video.” Credit: Helen Flynn via Storyful