An Irish pharmacy is charging €150 for packet of face masks

Hickey's Pharmacy in Drogheda, on the east coast of Ireland, is charging 150 Euros for a pack of face masks amid the coronavirus panic.

The filmer told Newsflare: "I only took the video because my pals didn't believe me when I told them about the price, so I confirmed with the price with an assistant and filmed this.

"As a local pharmacy, rather than selling for a huge price why not keep face masks behind the counter and look after older people in the community who maybe have an underlying illness and could be affected.

"Also the packaging is odd, no barcode, no supply code and no description??! Where they packed by a staff member? Where the handled by someone contaminated.

"Sanitizer is sold out everywhere and people are concerned, especially for our older people and friends who have lung problems."

This shocking footage was recorded on Saturday (March 7).