Iraq's female mechanic popular with women car owners

STORY: This female-owned garage is looking to hire women

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Mechanic Maysoon Hassan says over half her customers are women

(Maysoon Hassan, Car garage owner):

"My ambition for the future is to have a bigger garage, have employees and especially women. Because we have women who are capable of fixing cars. They are capable of working in different car services like polishing, Nano application and things like that. I know many people, many women who would wish to work under my leadership and be embraced in the workforce."

Hassan first learnt the trade from her father as a teenager

"In the beginning, people did not know about me. Now, thank God, people have started hearing about me and coming here, women like it as well. Because I offer something really nice. When they see a woman offering a car mechanic service, they feel comfortable."

(Sundus Ali, customer):

"Because she is a woman, we understand each other. As women, we can't go to the repair center, to be honest. We can't deal with men. Here, we sit down, we feel comfortable. While she is working, cleaning the car, we check what the car needs. I do all my car maintenance here with Maysoon."

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