Iraqi women take the reins at equestrian club

STORY: Women are taking the reins at this Iraqi equestrian club

Location: Basra, Iraq

Coach Farah Majed specializes in training young women and girls to ride

"Many girls like horses and they would like to train. But there was no female staff. So, the trainer suggested the idea that he would train me more, give me more information, so that I become a trainer for girls. And I saw that many girls liked the idea. I trained many girls, and they keep coming."

According to the club’s director

the majority of those training are now women

Banin Falah, riding trainee: "Everyone says, look she is riding horses and they say this is a men-only sport. I wanted to challenge this perception and say horses are not for men only. It is natural for women to ride horses, very normal. But you know, in our society, they are against this thing so that's it. Only for men means only for men."