Iraqi female paragliders conquer the winds

STORY: Location: Mosul, Iraq

This all-women team from Mosul is training its members to become paragliding pilots

Some hope to one day represent Iraq in international paragliding events

Before joining al-Sokoor Aero Club, Maha Ramadan Haje was afraid of heights and flying

[Maha Ramadan Haje/ Member, al-Sokoor Aero Club]

"Before joining the club, I was afraid of heights, planes and elevated places. This is when I learnt about the existence of the al-Sokoor Aero Club and they had just formed for the first time an all-women team. So I wanted to overcome the obstacle of my fear of elevation and high places. The reason why I joined the club was to break this obstacle."

Engineer Bushra Dhanoun says she was scared the first time she tried the sport

but with encouragement from her family has now conquered those fears

[Bushra Dhanoun/ Member, al-Sokoor Aero Club]

"The feeling is really great, it can't be described, you have to try it. You feel that you are standing in the air, in the wind. You feel far from the world and the peace of mind is amazing."