Iranians in Greece cut hair, burn headscarf in protest

STORY: At the demonstration in Athens, women lopped off ponytails and men shaved their heads in solidarity with Amini, who had been arrested for wearing "unsuitable attire."

"I'm cutting my hair because many of my sisters in Iran are going to die, maybe tomorrow, because of hijab," said 31-year-old Eli Fazlollah, who left Tehran in 2018. "I'm here to support my people because they don't have a voice."

"Many of the people are getting killed in the middle of the street in Iran. And there is no support, there is no media coverage - they are defenceless, they are voiceless," said Nazia Matami, another protester who has been living in Greece, since 2017.

The protesters later marched to the offices of the European Union, chanting "Mad, bad, dictator".

Amini's death has sparked protests across Iran, and at least 41 people have been killed in the week-long unrest, according to Iranian state television. Iranian authorities have now said they would launch an investigation into the cause of her death.