Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei Vows 'Evil' Protests Will Disappear

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed in a speech given in Tehran on Saturday, November 19, that the “evil apparatus,” referring to the ongoing protests in Iran, will “disappear.”

In a speech addressing a crowd at the Imam Khomeini Hussainia and posted on Twitter, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran referred to the protests as “too inferior to be able to harm the system”

The Iranian leader added, “The evils will be undoubtedly finished, and the Iranian nation will continue to move forward in the path of progress with more strength and a fresher spirit.”

He went on to say that Iran’s goal is to “invalidate the logic of liberal democracy” and that “the world’s arrogant powers, mainly the US and Europe” are frustrated with Iran’s “strong presence in the region.”

Iran’s Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) said on November 22 that 434 people, including 60 children, had been killed by security forces since protests broke out in September. Credit: Ali Khamenei via Storyful