Iranian artist transforms calligraphy into kinetic paintings

STORY: Location: New York

Iranian painter Golnaz Fathi’s works

incorporate calligraphy into bold sweeping scenes

in which she explores her relationship

to home and the world at large

(Golnaz Fathi)

“You know, we call my generation ourselves, all of our friends, the same age as mine, we are ‘burnt generation.' We saw the worst years. You know, we have seen war. We have seen the difficult years after the war. You know, sometimes you lose things, but instead you gain other things.”

Fathi’s show is titled “The Road Forward”

Some pieces center on the mountain

ranges surrounding Tehran

She creates her landscapes from

thousands of inscribed marks

“I have this enormous love for writing, for calligraphy, and I always have seen writing, no matter in which language - Chinese, Japanese - as visual figures. Understanding the meaning, it’s the last thing I want to know. I'm fascinated by the form.”