Iran 'producing enriched uranium at faster rate'

As the U.S. and Iran hold indirect talks over a possible return to the 2015 nuclear deal, Iranian authorities have revealed that they've produced 55 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, indicating quicker production than a goal set by parliament.

Partly in reaction to former President Donald Trump pulling out of the nuclear accord – Iran’s hardline parliament passed a law late last year that required the state to make 120 kilograms – that’s 265 pounds – of highly enriched uranium a year.

That amounts to 10 kilograms a month – a spokesman from the Atomic Energy Organisation said Iran’s production rate is already up to 40% faster than that.

Enriching to 20% is a big step towards reaching weapons-grade.

The disclosure comes as Tehran and Washington enter a second day of talks in Vienna.

So far described as “constructive”.

In January, Iran began enriching uranium to 20% at Fordow, an underground uranium enrichment site that was built in secret inside a mountain possibly to withstand any aerial bombardment.

It’s all part of a recent acceleration of its breaches of the nuclear deal that stipulated Tehran was not allowed to enrich uranium at Fordow at all.