Iran launches dating app to combat falling fertility rates

A new state-approved dating app in conservative Iran is raising eyebrows and curiosity

Hamdam (Companion)

(SOUNDBITE) (Farsi) LOCAL RESIDENT, ATEFEH KHANI, SAYING: "I'm not saying that I don't accept such an application (Hamdam dating app), because I do. I just don't accept it in a country like Iran because such a cultural concept hasn't found its place.”

Though Western-style dating is banned in the country

a state-affiliated Islamic cultural body developed Hamdam

to combat falling fertility rates

and growing discontent with traditional marriage arrangements

(SOUNDBITE) (Farsi) LOCAL RESIDENT, MATIN, SAYING: "I myself do not agree with the traditional method of finding a partner at all, where the family chooses a partner for someone because then that person won't have the final say in choosing their own partner. I think this method is better than a traditional method for finding a partner. Each have their own benefits. I prefer this method."

(SOUNDBITE) (Farsi) LOCAL RESIDENT, MATIN, SAYING: "I think if it's given time this application can slowly find its place and I think it would be a good thing."

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