Ipoh factory worker successfully spayed or neutered more than 1,000 strays with public support in two years

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

IPOH, Sept 22 — Over the past two years, P. Jassica Morris has managed to get over 600 strays in the city spayed or neutered.

Popularly known as Jesse Morris among the rescuers circle, the 39-year-old factory with the support of well-wishers said she started rescuing and feeding strays some seven years ago before moving on to spaying and neutering in 2019.

“To date, I have spayed and neutered 1,125 strays with the help of supporters.”

Speaking to Malay Mail, Jassica said she previously had to bail strays caught by Ipoh City Council (MBI) from their pound in Lahat before sending them to undergo the procedure.

This resulted in her having to incur extra cost due to payment of fines.

“But recently, I have reached an understanding with the council where I can get the strays out from the pound without paying the fine on condition that I get the dogs spayed or neutered first before releasing them at the place they were initially caught.”

Since July, MBI and the Batu Gajah district council stopped releasing strays caught by them at the Papan landfill, sending them to a newly set up private shelter Utopia Pertubuhan Penyayang Haiwan (Utopia) located at Simpang Pulai instead.

Following the opening of Utopia, strays are required to be spayed and neutered before being released.

Due to the distance, Jassica said she approached MBI and requested that she be allowed to take strays caught by them from the pound.

“This is also to reduce the possibility of the strays getting cross infected by diseases carried by other strays.”

According to Jassica, most of the strays caught by the councils are managed by local feeders.

“The strays are caught following complaints from residents of the area.”

While strays are no longer released at the landfill, the new operating procedure of releasing caught strays to rescuers is putting a financial strain on independent rescuers such as Jassica.

“We need to ensure they are spayed or neutered before releasing them to their feeders.”

To date, Jassica has some RM30,000 outstanding bills with two veterinarians.

“Thankfully, they do not harass us to pay up,” she said, adding that the veterinarians also charged rescuers discounted prices for all procedures.

“For male dogs, we are charged RM130 while for female dogs, the charge is RM150.”

Jassica's efforts won praise from Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals president Ricky Soong, who described her as superwoman.

Responding to the praise, Jassica said it was for the betterment of strays.

She also hoped more would step up to adopt dogs rather than buying from shops.

“It would be better to get them off the streets.”

Jassica said all funds used for the spaying and neutering are from the public.

“For better accountability, I have set up a non-governmental organisation.”

Those wanting to help Jassica can forward funds to Persatuan Kebajikan Pecinta AnjingJalanan Ipoh Perak to RHB Bank (account number 2080 4300 068168).

Funds can also be sent via Touch & Go e-wallet to 0135070706.