Iowa Gun Range Introduces New Sanitizing Protocols Ahead of Reopening

Just over a month after closing businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has given some businesses in 77 of Iowa’s 99 counties permission to operate again, with some limitations, local media reported on April 27.

The Des Moines Register quoted Reynolds as saying the counties that can partially reopen either have no confirmed coronavirus activity or have seen a downward trend in positive COVID-19 cases over the past 14 days.

The Republican governor also lifted statewide restrictions on spiritual and religious gatherings that had been in place since March 17, as long those institutions follow social-distancing guidelines and sanitize gathering spaces.

In this video, new guidelines are presented to patrons of a gun range in Boone, Iowa. The Central Iowa Impact Indoor Range said it would only allow every second shooting lane to be used in order to keep customers separated by six feet. It also said shooters would be required to wipe down their lane after use and staff would have personal protective equipment (PPE) on at all times. Credit: Central Iowa Impact Indoor Range via Storyful