iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence release date: When iPhone, Mac and iPad will get newly announced features

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Apple has released updates for all of its platforms, with new operating systems for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even Vision Pro.

The new software was revealed during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, held in California this week.

The updates bring a host of new features. But perhaps most notable among them is “Apple Intelligence”, a suite of tools intended to infuse Apple products with AI.

Those and others will arrive in the software updates that will become available to the public this autumn.

However, users can get them early – so long as they are wiling to take the risk of bugs and other problems that come with beta versions of the software.

The developer beta of all the software updates is available now. It can be downloaded by heading to the Settings app on a device and opting in to that beta.

Apple does caution that the beta update can come with bugs, such as reduced performance or even data loss. It advises people to backup their devices before downloading it.

The public beta of the software will then become available in July, Apple said. That tends to be a more rigorously checked version of the software, which should come with less risk.

Even still, however, the software is still a work in progress and comes with risks as well as some features that may not fully work. Beta updates come with a “Feedback” app intended to report those problems.

The full updates will then come in the “fall”, Apple said. The iOS and Apple Watch updates usually arrive just before the iPhone, in September, with new versions of MacOS coming a little later, often in October.