Investors in Trump's "Truth Social" Trying to Figure Out Why They're Losing All Their Money

Trump Card

As Donald Trump's disastrous bet on social media continues its weeks-long decline, investors on Truth Social are scratching their heads, wondering why their holdings are being wiped out.

The former president's meme stock, long identified by analysts as nothing more than a "scam," has been plummeting to far below its value following Truth Social owner Trump Media & Technology's (TMTG) merger with a blank check acquisition company last month.

As Business Insider reports, Truth Social users — who are hilariously calling themselves "Truthsayers" — are baffled by the stock's wipeout, with reactions ranging from shock to hope that the company could one day regain all that it has lost.

"They'll do anything to discredit President Trump," one user wrote. "God has different plans and will save the nations in HIS Perfect timing."

Cope Springs Eternal

Other users accused Wall Street and US regulators of manipulating the stock.

"This drop was literally just someone selling 140k shares in 10 minutes premarket," one user wrote. "This is extreme manipulation at best. There isn't a massive sell-off. It's one or a handful of people trying to cause panic."

To Trump's most diehard supporters, investing in the scam is akin to making a political donation to his reelection campaign.

But it's hard to argue with the free market. In an apparent attempt to stop the bleeding, TMTG announced this week that it's looking to launch a live TV streaming platform. The ambitious plan, especially for a company that lost a whopping $58 million last year, was met with disbelief, with shares sliding to record lows.

Meanwhile, Trump and TMTG's executives are already making moves to cash out, likely leaving investors out to dry.

Despite an ocean of red flags, investors are sticking to their figurative — and possibly literal — guns, treating the plummeting stocks as a fire sale.

"I think daddy Trump has some surprises for us, we just have to be patient and wait for it," one Truth Social user wrote. "[No further action] but I'll buy more tomorrow. Gotta love the price."

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