Investors plant money in indoor farms

Indoor farms are gaining ground and investors

(SOUNDBITE) (English) BRIGHTFARMS CEO STEVE PLATT, SAYING: "With climate change, droughts, cross contamination from animal farms, major labor issues, we think that indoor farming is a better solution for today and certainly for tomorrow."

Indoor farms use vertical growing technology

and produce stacks of leafy greens

with artificial light, temperature control, and minimal soil

Proponents say urban farming increases food security

and reduces climate-change concerns

Investments in global indoor farms totaled $394 million in 2020

(SOUNDBITE) (English) APPHARVEST CEO JONATHAN WEBB, SAYING:"The general thesis of the company is that all fruit and vegetable production at scale globally will eventually come indoors and be grown in controlled environments. It's the third wave of sustainable infrastructure. Twenty years ago, we saw renewable energy, there was a boutique industry rip and roar and take off. Ten years ago it was electric vehicles and now, you see every automotive company moving towards EV. And then right now, it's infrastructure and technology going on to farms to grow in controlled environments. It produces a much better product and aligns with nature in a much better way."