Investor sues Tesla, Musk and board

STORY: A Tesla shareholder is suing the company, its CEO Elon Musk and its board.

Solomon Chau alleges the electric car maker neglected to tackle complaints about workplace discrimination and harassment.

The U.S. company has previously been accused of racial discrimination and sexual harassment in its factories.

In this suit, the complainant said Tesla had created a toxic workplace culture and failed to address red flags shown in internal reports.

It said this caused Tesla to lose high-quality employees, and incur costs defending cases.

The suit says it all resulted in financial harm and unfixable damage to the firm's reputation.

Tesla did not immediately respond to an email looking for comment.

The automaker has said before it does not tolerate discrimination in the workplace and has taken steps to tackle workers’ complaints.

At another Musk-related venture, reports Friday (June 17) suggest that five employees have been fired from SpaceX.

The workers for the private rocket company reportedly drafted and spread an open letter critical of Musk, whom they called an "embarrassment".

They also called on executives to change the company's work culture to be more inclusive, according to sources.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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