Investigation Finds 'Violations' by 'All Parties' in Tigray Conflict

A joint investigation by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the United Nations Human Rights office has found human rights violations were committed by “all parties” in the Tigray conflict.

Footage here was livestreamed by the EHRC on November 3, and shows its chief commissioner, Daniel Bekele, delivering the findings of the investigation. Bekele said the objectives of the investigation included, “furthering the accountability process and advocating for effective remedies … identifying serious violations to ensure redress for victims and prevent recurrence of similar occurrences in the future.”

He said the investigation included 269 confidential interviews, adding “the findings in the report rely primarily on first-hand testimony from victims and witnesses, and written material provided important context in some instances to corroborate interviews.”

Bekele said the investigation found that “there are reasonable grounds to believe that all parties to the conflict have committed major violations and abuses in the context of the conflict.”

Ahead of the release of the reports findings, the Tigray External Affairs Office said, “Whatever its ‘findings’, the report is fraught with a number of problems … EHRC as a partner in the investigation is an affront to the notion of impartiality.”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet was quoted as saying, “The Tigray conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. The gravity and seriousness of the violations and abuses we have documented underscore the need to hold perpetrators accountable on all sides.” Credit: Ethiopian Human Rights Commission via Storyful

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