‘Interview With the Vampire’ Jumps to No. 3 In-Demand New Show Ahead of Its Season Finale | Chart

In this weekly data series powered by Parrot Analytics we look at the top breakout shows of the past week. Breakout shows are the most in-demand series that have premiered in the past 100 days.

AMC’s “Interview With the Vampire” saw the largest jump in demand in this week’s top breakout shows ranking, according to Parrot Analytics‘ data, which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads and social media, among other engagement.

This week’s data captures demand for the show’s penultimate episode which aired on Nov. 6 and drove demand for the show 13% higher than last week. Next week, we will be able to see how its finale on Sunday performed but this week’s solid performance shows that “Interview With the Vampire” has momentum going into its finale. AMC’s decision to renew the show for a second season before the first season even premiered looks prescient now.

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Demand for Disney+’s “Andor” kept growing this week. The show had 35.1 times the demand of the average series which is a 4% gain from last week.

Meanwhile, HBO’s “House of the Dragon” continued to lose audience attention this week with its demand falling by 12%. If these trends continue into next week, “Andor” will be the show to finally knock “House of the Dragon” out of the top spot.

Disney+’s “Tales of the Jedi” had a phenomenal premiere on Oct. 26 and broke into the ranking last week with 37.4 times the average series demand. If it had that level of demand this week, it would have ranked as the most in-demand new show, surpassing “House of the Dragon.” The decision by Disney+ to drop all episodes of the show at once caused the show to have a massive spike in demand but then rapidly drop off. Its demand fell by 25% this week and it ranked as the fourth most in-demand recent release.

10 most in-demand new shows, Nov 5-11, 2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)
10 most in-demand new shows, Nov 5-11, 2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)

“Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury” is the latest new release to feature in our weekly breakout shows ranking. With 20.2 times the demand of the average series, it ranked as the 10th most in-demand new series in the U.S. It is also the third anime series in the top 10 this week alongside “Chainsaw Man” and “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” underscoring the growing importance of this genre outside of its home market in Japan.

Christofer Hamilton is a senior insights analyst at Parrot Analytics, a WrapPRO partner. For more from Parrot Analytics, visit the Data and Analysis Hub.

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