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Amazon has compiled the Internet's favorite viral goodies in one secret place, and they start at only $5

From beloved cleaning tools to inexpensive beauty finds, the 'net is gaga over these picks.

Wow hair spray, ice sphere tray, The Pink Stuff cleaner, Bissell Little Green cleaner, fabric shaver
Wow, indeed: These are the under-the-radar finds that are making waves online. (Amazon)

TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms are home to our favorite cat videos and heartwarming mini-dramas, but we love 'em most for product recommendations. Your fellow shoppers have truly tried everything, from booty-lifting leggings to eccentric cleaning hacks, so when something goes viral, we pay attention. Amazon stocks these hot products in one place, its Internet Famous page, and a few of them are even on sale. We've curated a list of some of the most popular products below, so whether your beauty routine could use a boost or your sweaters need a refresh, read on to see what the Internet adores.

This bubblegum-pink paste not only tackles kitchen and bathroom gunk; it safely cleans saucepans, grills, glass, paint, concrete floors and so much more.

$5 at Amazon

TikTokers say The Pink Stuff is the best, fastest, cheapest way to get rid of just about any stain. All you do is put it on any spot you want to remove, and then scrub it away with a cloth or sponge. Cooks swear by it to get rid of stubborn smears on silverware, pots and pans, while parents insist it's the best product for removing permanent-marker stains left by toddler Picassos. It's a No. 1 bestseller with more than 149,000 five-star Amazon reviews — clicking "add to cart" is a no-brainer.

"Where has this been my whole life?" wrote one ecstatic shopper. "It's so valuable! I used it to clean stains off floor vinyl planks, my white shoes, and marker on a wooden bedpost. I love the smell too, smells like a Starburst. I have no idea how I'm 37 and just found out about this."

Dirt and stains don't stand a chance against this portable carpet cleaner. Shoppers say it's also a must for removing messes from car upholstery and furniture.

$99 at Amazon

This nifty vac started trending at the beginning of the pandemic, and shoppers still love it for good reason — it's truly a master at cleaning your carpet, car, upholstery and furniture. Over 60,000 five-star Amazon reviewers swear by it too, making it a No. 1 bestseller.

"No review will suffice," said one thrilled shopper. "I have had it for a few months now and I could plug it in right now and it would work just as well as the day it came out of the box. ... We previously tried a friend's carpet cleaner to fix my husband's headliner after a light leak in his truck and all hers did was spread the stain out. It was no match for my Bissell. Same for the used SUV I bought about a month ago. My machine was pulling what looked like chocolate milk from the carpets."

Change your cleaning game with this handy helper. Soft in warm water, firm in cool, the Scrub Daddy will stand up to nearly any dish grime you throw at it.

$23 at Amazon

For 61,000 Amazon shoppers, there's no contest when it comes to the best sponge in their kitchen — it's the Shark Tank-famous Scrub Daddy. Curious? This unique sponge is tough on caked-on pans and grimy sinks but safe to use on more fragile surfaces like glass, stainless steel and nonstick coatings.

"I happened to be watching a cleaning video on TikTok of all places, and the cleaner was marveling about this ridiculous-looking sponge," shared a rave reviewer. "I thought, what the heck, the price is right and I was getting tired of my sponges stinking. They are amazing! Ridges to get into crooks and crannies, a smile to wash cutlery, perfect size for your hand. I love them. It feels ridiculous, but they really are that useful."

This handy device removes pills, fuzz and extra threads, making tired old knits look brand new in just a few seconds.

$21 at Amazon

Sweater season is over, and the coziest pieces in your closet might need a little prep before they go into storage. This fabric shaver promises to remove all the little yarn balls that cropped up over the winter, making your sweaters look almost new again.

"This is worth the money," wrote one of 8,200 five-star fans. "You get two extra blades and you plug in to charge so no buying more batteries. I have used it on three different items and it brought them back to life! It's very cost-effective because of the plug-in charger. Easy to clean, easy to use."

Made with cellulose and cotton, each of these reusable dishcloths becomes soft to the touch when wet, and they're safe to use on just about any surface. They're absorbent enough to clean up spills and strong enough to scrub a pot clean.

$11 at Amazon

These reusable kitchen towels are made with sustainable cellulose and cotton to make them super-absorbent. You can use them just like a regular paper towel, but they’re strong enough to scrub dishes coated in caked-on food. It didn't take long for Amazon shoppers to catch on to their effectiveness — so far, these dishcloths have racked up over 43,000 five-star reviews.

"I love them for washing dishes," wrote a content kitchen cleaner. "They clean well, don't smell, and are easy to toss in the dishwasher to clean. They're also great for cleaning bathrooms and other surfaces around the house and easy to toss in the washing machine as well. I like that they come in several colors so it's easy to keep the ones I use in the kitchen separate from the ones I use elsewhere around the house."

This handheld tool features a 2-in-1 design to both open bags and reseal them. It also comes with a removable hook for easy storage.

$14 at Amazon

Say goodbye to stale chips. This little tool is designed to open and reseal bags of food like crackers and cookies. A swipe is all it takes to keep your snacks fresh and crunchy. It has over 5,000 five-star ratings, with shoppers saying you're all but guaranteed fresh munchies long after you open the package.

"The mini sealer is great to reseal packages to keep goods fresh!" shared a happy shopper. "A big plus in states with high humidity like Florida. I have mine hanging from the built-in hook in the pantry so it's convenient and ready to reseal an opened chip bag."

Don't be a square! Round out those cocktails with ice spheres instead of cubes. This hard plastic tray releases its orbs with just a twist. Just add water, snap the tray closed and freeze.

$10 at Amazon

Ice spheres? Yep — and did we mention there are special trays that can make these tiny balls of ice? They work like a regular ice cube tray, only after you fill the tray with water, you pop a lid on top before putting it in the freezer. As the water chills, it expands and molds to the round depressions. Sounds complicated, but there are over 11,000 shoppers who love it.

"Gotta be honest — I never loved looking at ice so much till getting this!" wrote a satisfied customer. "They pop out super easily, and I love that it comes with a storage container to build up the ice, plus a little scoop (so cute)."

Dream Coat keeps frizz at bay by coating each strand of hair with an invisible waterproofing layer. The heat-activated polymer protects your locks while delivering a silky-smooth texture that won't weigh it down.

$28 at Amazon

Want a celebrity-level sheen on your locks? Celebrity hairstylist and Color Wow Creative Director Chris Appleton achieves a sleek look he calls "glass hair" on clients including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez using this hero product. But anyone can use it at home to get silky hair that lasts until their next shampoo. More than 8,000 Amazon shoppers rave about its anti-frizz effects.

"It helped my natural curls curl more," reported a rave reviewer. "I like it if I have time to let it dry naturally. One day I didn't put anything in my hair, letting it dry on its own, and I was like, 'Oh boy! I guess my hair product really works!' My hair was so frizzy without it."

This foot peel is designed to remove dead skin cells on the feet, revealing baby-smooth skin you'll be proud to show off in summer sandals. 

$9 at Amazon

If your feet will get a lot of sandal time this summer, they might need some extra attention before you slip off those socks. This foot peel mask promises to reveal baby-soft skin worth showing off. You use a bootie to apply the mask, which allows the formula to soak in and loosen hard, calloused skin. Over 29,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating.

"I had no idea what to expect from these," reported a rave reviewer. "After about three days, the skin sheds like a snake. I was amazed and pleased. Beats going to the salon!"

These modest little patches pull away all the stuff that's trapped in your pores, leaving your skin looking clearer after just six hours. You can even leave them on overnight for a deeper clean.

$11 at Amazon

Pimples and large pores aren't just for teenagers. Silicone-based primers can hide them temporarily, but a hydrocolloid patch designed for the job, like the Mighty Patch, can help longer-term.

"This product is amazing and has worked wonders for me!" shared one of 106,000 five-star fans. "I have used other brands, but this one has shown the best results time and time again. I always have these on hand and they don’t cause any issues on my sensitive skin. Sometimes it may take three nights in a row to really diminish the pimple, but after one night I see results."

This powerful wash contains 10% benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria. 

$10 at Amazon

If you struggle with acne, PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash may another secret weapon for your skin-care routine. This No. 1 bestseller works to clear up breakouts and keep new ones from forming. TikTokers swear PanOxyl is good for more than just clear skin too — you can use it under your arms to battle stubborn body odor.

More than 45,000 Amazon shoppers have given the foaming wash five stars. One reviewer shared: "This product has many uses. Yes, you can use it on your face and back, but it also works very well under your armpits to kill bacteria. Even if you forget to wear deodorant."

Get thick, fluffy lashes with just a few swipes of this mascara — shoppers have snapped up more than 100,000 tubes in the last month.

$5 at Amazon

When we find a beauty product that does what it says it will and comes at a drugstore price, we can't help but spread the word. That's the case with Essence's Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. This $5 mascara can make your lashes look long and full with just a few swipes, no false lashes needed.

One of the 249,000 five-star reviewers said it's "better than top expensive brands" and added, "I always paid for Lancome or Clinique. Not anymore. ... It truly is the best, I have barely any lashes ... This regular [formula] stays on all day long and it looks like I have lots of lashes."

Loose rings that spin and slide are a problem of the past once you twist on one of these easy-to-use sizers.

$6 at Amazon

Help a loose ring fit again with these spiral ring sizers. This pack comes with six different flexible sizers — simply cut off the desired amount and twist it onto the inside of your ring, skipping that pricey trip to the jewelry store. More than 8,000 shoppers have given these sizers five stars.

One reviewer deemed them a "ring saver" and wrote: "This is perfect for when your rings are a little loose and you don't want to spend the money to resize. It comes in many sizes and fits all size fingers."

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping on any of these items, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

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