Internet abuzz over 'hacking' of Maybank site

The Internet was buzzing on Thursday with a rumour that the online banking site would be under attack at midnight by several Pakistani hackers.

The text message that spread like wildfire on Facebook and Whatsapp said:

“Salam..pastikan tiada yang buat transaction ataupun online banking sehingga isnin pagi ye…terima kasih.pastikan anda tahu baki akaun anda semua. Ada attack besar besaran mlm ni terutama maybank. Dari kawan TM Cite yg dbritakan olh kengkwan utk dkongsi Last week google kne hack oleh siapa xdktahui Jd pkhidmatan online spt traksaksi akaun o etc dnchatkan utk dkurangkan klu bly elak,elakkan dlu smentara.. Hacker dari pakistan yg hack google last week Ini maklumat yg diterima… copy paste dr whatapps IPK”

(Greetings…please be sure no online banking transaction is done until Monday morning. Thank you. Make sure you know your account balance. There will be a major attack tonight especially on Maybank. Friends from TM said told told me the recent attack on Google website may trigger this attack. Avoid online transaction for a while. Pakistani hackers attacked Google last week. Message from PDRM)

Nothing has been ‘confirmed’ by Maybank, nor have Internet security sites issued any alerts about a hacking threat connected with the name "Pakistan". Like so many warnings replicated across Facebook by earnest users, this was a hoax.

In a statement issued few hours ago on Facebook, Maybank said:

‘We are aware of a hoax circulating on social media and messaging tools (i.e. email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc) regarding hacking attempts on Maybank2u. Please be assured that Maybank2u is secure and under constant monitoring. Please share this with your family and friends. Thank you.’

CyberSecurity Malaysia has given an assurance that the Internet in Malaysia is safe despite concerns over the Facebook and Whatsapp message shared by internet users last night.

“We have checked the details listed in the social media thoroughly and it is all a hoax!”

Its chief executive officer, Dr Aminuddin Abdul Wahab, said the most important thing an Internet user should do was to seek clarification from authorities before posting something on social network and sharing it.

“Always call your financial institution if you doubt the authenticity of any communication you receive,” he added.