International Friendship Day: VALORANT's 'best friends' and dynamic duos

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Omen, Raze, Killjoy, Brimstone, KAY-O, Jett (Images: Riot Games)
Omen, Raze, Killjoy, Brimstone, KAY/O, Jett (Images: Riot Games)

Playing a game with friends usually results in a fun time, whether in hilarity or in making amazing plays. Everyone has their best friend who synergises with you in team games especially when you know how the other person thinks.

In conjunction with International Friendship Day on 30 July, here are a few “dynamic duos” in VALORANT you can use with your best friend, which, we daresay, are almost a team of “best friends” in-game themselves as well. When correctly used in conjunction with each other, of course.

Jett + KAY/O

Jett has amazing mobility. KAY/O shuts opponents down from using any abilities. This duo is extremely dangerous in the right hands, especially when you have a Jett that is a sharpshooter. Jett is able to one-shot anyone while using her ultimate, Blade Storm, if her shots land on their heads. 

Prior to KAY/O being part of the roster, you could always out-manoeuvre an ult-ing Jett by simply throwing some abilities at her. You can choose to blind her to get out of harm’s way, throw a smoke so that she can’t see you, or you could always dash away if you are also using Jett on the opposing team.

KAY/O eliminates all of these variables with a simple throw of his supressing knife, ZERO/POINT. This gives the Jett player to charge in and freely take down the opposing team members without much hesitation. Coupled with the fact that KAY/O is also able to reveal enemy presence, the Jett can freely dash in to secure the kills, unless someone is able to take her out before she does so. 

For added security, the KAY/O can also use his ultimate, NULL/CMD, to keep the opposing team members suppressed for longer periods, and this may prove to be a lethal combo when pushing in a site.

Killjoy + Brimstone

Both these agents are masters of slicing up the battlefield. Killjoy is able to stop a push by activating her Nanoswarms, while Brimstone is able to deny enemy sights by using his smokes. 

Killjoy is usually extremely effective by herself because her ultimate, the Lockdown, is able to cover a large portion of an area if you are attacking or defending a site. The Lockdown will immediately incapacitate anyone in its radius after the timer runs down. This usually sends a lot of opposing team members to safer parts of the map where the Lockdown will not be able to reach them before it explodes.

Enter Brimstone. What makes this duo extremely dangerous is also the fact that Brimstone is able to throw his incendiary at any part of the map, and if you are pushed to an enclosed, tight area by Killjoy’s ultimate, Brimstone’s Incendiary will probably cook you to death if he is able to fire it in your direction. 

To make matters worse, his ultimate, Orbital Strike, is an extremely damaging ultimate that he can activate from almost any part of the map, and this also fries anyone in its radius. Once he activates it in your general direction, and if you have nowhere to run, you are definitely dead.

Well, you can try to run away from Brimstone’s ultimate and get detained by Killjoy’s one instead, which may also mean death in most situations. You decide.

Omen + Raze

This is a classic duo with a very simple but effective strategy that you can see in almost all mid to high tier teams, if they do choose to run a Raze and an Omen on the same team.

Omen’s Paranoia is able to inflict short-sightedness for a considerable amount of time. Players affected by this are not totally blind, but they can’t see beyond five in-game meters. They also can’t hear a lot of sounds coming from their surroundings. This makes it extremely easy for a Raze player to equip her ultimate, the Showstopper rocket launcher, to simply blast everyone into oblivion.

For example, if you know enemies are pushing in great numbers through a choke point, Omen could launch his Paranoia in the enemy’s direction to catch them off-guard. 

The Raze can then activate her ultimate, use her Blast Packs to propel her to the enemies, and fire her rocket. This usually results in a couple of kills, if not the whole team, if everyone is scrambling close to each other to get out of harm’s way.

This can be done as well with agents like Breach replacing Omen, but his blinds don’t last as long and do not distort audio like Omen’s does, so it may be a little trickier.

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