Interim stay granted on release of biopic allegedly based on Chanda Kochhar's life

New Delhi [India], Nov 23 (ANI): A Delhi court, on an application filed by Chanda Kochhar through her lawyers Vijay Aggarwal and Naman Joshi has injuncted the release of a film, which is allegedly based on the life of the former MD and CEO of ICICI Bank.

Kochhar had recently approached the court against the movie 'Chanda: A Signature that Ruined a Career', which is projected as a film based on her life.

Sandeep Garg, Additional District Judge, Patiala House Court, passed the order stating that all defendants, including producers and their associates as well as other actors, to restraint from using Kochhar's name directly or indirectly.

The producers of the movie are also restrained from screening, exhibiting and marketing the movie online or off-line, whole or in part or in homes, without the consent of Kochhar till the next date of hearing, which is on November 26.

The court has granted interim stay on the screening/marketing of the movie.

Kochhar had moved court seeking a stay on the release of the movie alleging that the content of the movie is defamatory and she was never approached for her consent for using her name or making a film on her life.

During counsels' submission, objection has been taken to the title of the film as well as to the film itself and the underlying tone and tenor which is also evident in the interviews/press coverage where she is being shown as a culprit though the trial is pending and no charge sheet has been filed against her and the trial is yet to begin.

Kochhar's lawyers stated that making of such alleged biopic and their release, as well as promotional interviews and material vilifying the plaintiff, are extremely prejudicial to the investigation and the trial. (ANI)