Intense Footage Shows Tornado Approaching Western Pennsylvania Residents

A large tornado loomed over parts of Western Pennsylvania amid a warning from the National Weather Service on August 1.

Intense footage filmed by Andy Blum from the back porch of his home in West Alexander shows the twister lurking in the sky. Another clip, filmed the next day, shows the storm’s aftermath.

“Just a common storm that turned very aggressive. With our hills we never expected to see a tornado,” Blum told Storyful. Credit: Andy Blum via Storyful

Video transcript


- It's getting closer. I was trying to yell for mom. I saw things going clear up in the air.

- Yeah.

- I'm going to send this to 7 News. It's going towards Uncle Kenny's house. Look at the bird. Oh my god.


- It's coming.


All right.

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