Intense Burst of Wind, Hail and Rain Hits New York's Suffolk County

An intense burst of wind gusts, rain and hail downed trees in several parts of Suffolk County, New York, on July 14, according to News 12.

Footage posted to Twitter by Shezad Shah shows a downed tree as the summer storm lashes a residential area. Shah said the video was filmed in the Seldon-Centereach area.

A severe storm warning was in place until Thursday evening, with winds of up to 50 mph and possible quarter-sized hail forecast. Credit: Shezad Shah via Storyful

Video transcript


- Holy [MUTED]. Oh, my God. What the [MUTED].


The three fell. Oh, no. Hail too? Oh, no. Oh, no, this is bad. Oh, no, the cars. The tree fell.

- Huh?

- The tree fell. And it's hailing.

- It's what?

- Hailing.

- Where's the backyard? Holy [MUTED]. Oh, no, I hope they don't get hailed down there.

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