Intel Core i7-14700K leak confirms sizeable gains for 14th Gen Raptor Lake refresh

 Render of a generic Intel CPU
Render of a generic Intel CPU

What you need to know

  • More Intel Core i7-14700K leaks have, well, leaked.

  • The leaks show a considerable performance uplift over the previous 13th Gen.

  • The i7-14700K has four more E-cores than the i7-13700K.

Intel's Raptor Lake refresh is rapidly approaching. Previous leaks suggested the performance uplift was going to be quite sizeable with up to a 20% improvement. Originally, it was expected that Intel's 14th Generation might actually turn out to be a bit of a dud.

The most recent leaks show that Intel's upcoming processor range might not be as unimpressive as was first thought, with one Cinebench R23 benchmark showing a 14700K engineering sample to be 17% faster than the previous generation 13700K. That's quite the uplift indeed and one of a number of benchmarks leaked.

Intel Core i7-13700K
Intel Core i7-13700K

These leaks came from a content creator over on Bilibili and were first reported by Wccftech. It's worth remembering as well that the 14700K has four more E-cores compared to the 13700K making for a total of 28 Threads versus 24 and also boosts to a slightly higher all core frequency of 5.5GHz versus 5.4GHz for the P-cores, with 4.3GHz vs 4.2GHz for the E-cores. So multi-core benchmark scores should of course be higher.

There were a number of other multi-core benchmarks showing again that the performance increase will be of significance. CPU-Z showed an uplift of 16% and 3DMark CPU Profile Max showed a 15% uplift. So it seems that there is around a 15-20% increase in a number of cases, which matches with previous leaks.

Intel's 14th Generation Raptor Lake refresh is due later this year, but even with the surprising performance gains over 13th Gen it's looking like it will also bring increased power usage and heat along for the ride. We'll have to see how it looks at release compared to the competition from AMD.