Instant face lift without any surgery or fillers

No, this isn’t clickbait! It’s the power of makeup! The placement of your blush and bronzer has the power to change the shape of your face. The right placement can make you look slimmer (or fuller depending on desired result), younger, and more lifted, but on the contrary the wrong placement could result in a less than desirable result. Here are the tips and tricks you need to know to achieve an instant face lift: ~Gone are the days of putting mass amounts of concealer under the eyes in the shape of a triangle. It’s better to place a small amount of concealer closest to the inner corner and outer corners of the eye. By placing the concealer at the high point of the eye it will give the illusion of a lift! ~Placing your blush on the higher points of the cheeks rather than directly on the apples and blending upward rather than in a circular motion. ~Focus the majority of your shadow colour on the outer edges of the eyes and leave the lid lighter, this will give the illusion of a lift to the eye.