Installation art brings unique experience to Syria

STORY: This exhibition in Syria is

showcasing installation art

Location: Damascus, Syria

in which visitors can experience

art through all of their senses

It's a concept that's new to Syria

(Tulin Dima Kabbani, Syrian artist)

"Installation art is a simulation for human feelings. The five senses are all active because when a person goes through installation art with an experience like this, all the senses will be active. So it is impossible not to feel the experience after visiting, it touches humans deeply. I think that many of the artists who are working on such projects can see how people love this kind of art."

Kabbani created pieces through cotton

to show what life is like in Syria during war time

(Fayzah Al-Halabi, Syria artist)

"It's very nice because they broke what is usual, there is an imagination. It is not a silent painting about nature or a portrait. This gives ordinary people the chance to see this new creation by artists and have their own imaginations about it."