Instagrammers can now create their own augmented reality filters via Spark AR Studio

As of yesterday, everyone can make an AR Instagram filter with Spark AR Studio

Yesterday, Facebook opened Spark AR, a tool that lets Instagrammers create their own AR-powered effects, to the world as a public beta.

Earlier this year at the Facebook F8 conference for developers, the company announced that soon anyone will be able to make AR-powered effects for Instagram with a tool called Spark AR Studio. While the tool was previously only available to select Instagrammers, yesterday it became accessible to everyone as a beta.

According to the company, everyone can be a creator whether you are "a professional or have a limited tech background." Though Spark AR provides users with a library of effects, sounds, and animations that can be patched together to create a filter, users can also insert their own sound files and objects to uniquely enhance their work. There's additionally an Effect Galley that users can browse to find "niche AR effects from up-and-coming artists."

Once published to Instagram, Spark AR tracks a project's performance so that creators can see the total impressions, captures, and shares made over various time periods.

Anyone can search through the user-made AR filters by scrolling to the end of the available effects in the effects tray and tapping "Browse Effects."

All AR experiences used on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Portal were created using Spark AR Studio by company designers. Now, the brand's community can help bring their own AR flavor to the platform, too. While the tool is still in public beta, considering that Snapchat has also launched a similar platform that has proven popular among users, the Facebook-brand AR studio is likely here to stay.