7 Instagrammable souffle pancake places in Singapore to check out

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7 Instagrammable souffle pancake places in Singapore to check out

Singapore has come a long way since McDonalds’ hotcakes being the only pancakes available in stores. Souffle pancakes, with its wobbly, light and fluffy texture, are the craze now, and they are not just for the ones with a sweet tooth. Yahoo Lifestyle SEA has compiled a list of seven instagrammable souffle pancakes places for you to feast at this holiday period with your loved ones.

Flipper’s Pancakes Singapore

With travel still restricted due to the pandemic, Japanese popular pancakes chain Flipper’s recently opened a flagship eatery at Takashimaya Shopping Centre brings snaking queues to their store daily. These famed pillowy souffle pancakes come in both the familiar sweet types and unique savoury servings.

Bringing custom-made griddles from Japan, Flipper’s souffle pancakes take approximately 25 minutes to make before they are served, jiggly, to the customers. Using eggs directly from Kanagawa prefecture and Hokkaido Kitahonami wheat flour, Flipper’s ensure every ingredient used is measured down to the specific gram to maintain its standards.

Try the original Kiseki Pancake Plain if you are a first-timer to Flipper’s, or the various sweet flavours such as Kiseki Matcha Azuki, Kiseki Millennial Strawberry, and more. For a savoury option, there is the Egg Benedict Souffle Pancake, which is topped with grilled prawns, smoked salmon and avocado.

Address: Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B1-56, Singapore 238872

Gram Café & Pancakes Singapore

Anyone who has been to Japan would probably have joined in the queue at Gram Cafe & Pancakes, and now have perhaps queued at their Vivocity outlet for a taste of the famed jiggy souffle pancakes.

Freshly made upon order, Gram’s Premium Pancakes, each at a uniformed 4cm thick, are served with butter, syrup, and whipped cream. Whipped full of air then slowly cooked on low heat, the fluffy marshmallow-esque pancakes come in a stack of three for every order.

In time for the festive season, gram is releasing Gram’s X’Mas Edition box, each consisting of four Gram pancakes with Ultimate Oreo, Earl Grey Tea Cream, Koffee, and White Chocolate creams. These highly-sought-after pancakes are available only through preorders one week ahead of collection or delivery, with limited quantities available each day.

Address: VivoCity #02-110/111, Singapore 098585

Typhoon Cafe

Can’t get enough of bubble tea? How about combining that addictive drink with a platter of souffle pancakes? Bringing the “Taste of Taiwan” to Singapore, Typhoon Cafe has got you covered with their Souffle Stackers with Taiwan Milk Tea and Bubble. Paired with a thick milk tea sauce, the pancakes come complete with a scoop of ice cream to round off your cravings.

While the cafe specialises in Taiwanese cuisine, especially with its wide variety of street food on the menu, Typhoon Cafe’s repertoire of souffle pancakes ensures something for everyone. Love green tea? Their Soufflé Stackers with Taro, Bubble, Red Bean comes with a creamy and rich green tea sauce that guarantee to satisfy your indulgence.

For the adventurous, check out the cafe’s durian and cheese with gula Melaka sauce souffle stackers, or if you are looking for something sweet yet healthy, the cream with fresh fruits stackers will be your go-to. Plus, the pancakes are accompanied by crushed biscuits on the side, giving a different texture to the soft, pillowy mouthfeel of the pancakes.

Address: Plaza Singapura #04-63/67, Singapore 238839

Cafe De Nicole’s Flower

True to its name, Cafe De Nicole’s Flower is a picturesque cafe with a florist corner at the entrance to the store, and their plates of souffle pancakes are perhaps the most Instagrammable ones in this list.

With its three flavours, Original, Matcha, and Tiramisu, you can also choose to add different toppings to go with your souffle pancakes. Made freshly upon order, the Original Soufflé Pancakes come decorated with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, fresh fruits, and flowers from their florist corner.

While the pancakes are less wobbly than the ones we are used to, the overall presentation and soft eggy taste of pancakes make up for it. Cafe De Nicole’s Flower’s souffle pancakes also come with a scoop of coconut ice cream with shreds of coconut meat in it, standing out from the usual vanilla ice cream that accompanies pancakes.

Address: 224 Telok Kurau Rd, #01-01, Singapore 423836

Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe

Another pancake joint hailing from Japan, Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe is known for its made-to-order Millefeuille Pancakes that are stacked with two to eight layers and topped with homemade Hokkaido whipped cream. Rather than the usual jiggly souffle pancakes, the ones at Belle-Ville are moister, especially the slightly undercooked centre, giving it a different kind of fluffiness.

You can also opt for the brand’s Pandora boxes, which includes three to five of their pancakes stacked with various flavoured creams and toppings. The Most Valued Pandora Set of 3 comes in Cream & Custard, Matcha Azuki, and Premium Strawberry flavours with fresh fruits.

Are you looking for something savoury? Belle-Ville got you covered with their BLT Pandora Burger, Ham & Egg Pandora Burger, Pandora Cheese Burger, and Teriyaki Beef Pandora Burger. Beef patties and bacon are sandwiched between the fluffy pancakes, topped with cheese, eggs, lettuce, and more for these savoury offerings.


1) 100AM Mall #01-14B, Singapore 079027

2) Bugis Junction #01-01B, Singapore 188024


At S$4 for a set of two, SweeT.Rex is the cheapest in our list, and the only one situated at a hawker centre. The souffle pancakes are served with either chocolate, caramel, or strawberry sauce of your choice, and with a S$1 top-up, you get a scoop of ice cream to go with the pancakes.

Despite the affordable prices, SweeT.Rex’s pancakes are airy and soft, with a rich taste of butter in every bite. You can also watch the owner cook these fluffy pancakes in front of you, making it an experience instead of just chomping down another dessert.

The waiting time at SweeT.Rex can be longer than 30 minutes, depending on how many orders are in front of yours, as only one person is making the pancakes. It is best to order the pancakes before getting other food, then coming back to pick it up when it is done.

Address: Alexandra Village Food Centre #01-79, Singapore 150120

Fluff Stack

“Fluff Stack is run by pancake enthusiasts.” As promised in their tagline, every plate of souffle pancakes at Fluff Stack is made-to-order, using precise eggs, flour, and butter ratio in every fold of the batter.

With a minimum 15-minute waiting time, the double-stacked Souffle Pancakes comes complete with honey butter, maple syrup and a copious amount of Chantilly cream. Customise your own plate of pancakes with add-ons such as hazelnut chocolate, fresh fruits, or even a serving of gula Melaka boba.

You can also choose from the four other types of souffle pancakes, the Oolong Souffle Pancakes, Strawberry Cheese Souffle Pancakes, Hazelnut Chocolate Souffle Pancakes, and Mango Passionfruit Souffle Pancakes. The Strawberry Cheese Souffle Pancakes especially helped to balance the taste between the tangy strawberry fruit, sweet strawberry coulis dressing, and the saltier cream cheese.


Suntec City #B1-K4, Singapore 038983

Northpoint City, 1 NorthPoint Dr, #02-115

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