Instagram rolls out trial run for ‘Add Yours’ feature in Indonesia

More Instagram stickers are now available for you to try amid the ennui of everyday life, as the photo and video sharing app is gradually rolling out its new “Add Yours” feature only for users in Indonesia and Japan.

The feature allows users to tack the Add Yours sticker onto their Instagram stories, primarily to spur their friends or followers to share a chain of content on a given topic. It’s sort of like a topic-based challenge, or a means to spark conversations about pretty much anything.

“Instagram’s mission is to connect users with people, things, interests, and issues they like. The Add Yours sticker allows users to share and express their opinions and creativities on a topic in an open, fun, and casual way through Stories,” Instagram said in a statement, adding that it plans to trial the feature in more countries in the near future.

You can add the “Add Yours” sticker onto your Stories just like how you would GIFs or other stickers. Then you can write your own prompt, or just click the dice icon on the bottom side of the screen to choose topics that are provided by Instagram such as “Monday vibes,” “recent photo you took,” or “pets being weird.”

From there, your followers can click the “Add Yours” button, which will bring them to post their own Instagram Stories as a response. You will receive a notification whenever your followers contribute toward your topic, and you can see their responses to you by clicking the sticker on your Stories. Topics or responses from users with private accounts can only be seen by those who follow them.

This article, Instagram rolls out trial run for ‘Add Yours’ feature in Indonesia, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia's leading alternative media company.