Instagram Block vs Restrict: Which Is Better?

Instagram Block
Instagram Block

Look, we get it! Navigating Instagram can be challenging at times. Whether you wish to hide photos from your ex or block your boss from your feed, Instagram can feel a bit of a minefield. Fortunately, nifty features like ‘Block’ and ‘Restrict’ allow you more control over your profile. And while ‘Block’ eliminates any form of communication with a user, ‘Restrict’ is a little less aggressive. 

While a user can quickly identify if you have blocked them, restricting the account doesn’t alert them of your action. Keep reading to know what happens when you ‘restrict’ or ‘block’ a user on Instagram.

What happens when you restrict a user on Instagram?

When you restrict a user, they won’t be able to see whenever you are online, or you have read their messages. Also, when you restrict a user, their direct messages won’t land in your inbox, and their comments will only be visible to others if you approve them.

Messages won’t land in your inbox

Messages from restricted users land in your inbox’s ‘requests’ tab. Instagram will not even send a notification for these messages. Further, the sender will not see a ‘read’ receipt even if you read their chat.

However, you must first un-restrict the account to reply to the chats.

Their comments won’t be visible

The ‘Restrict’ feature is handy for hiding comments from an unwanted user. And while the restricted person can comment on your posts, they won’t be visible unless you approve it. So technically, the restricted user can view the comment and won’t even know you’ve limited them. 

To make them visible, you must head to your post‘s comments by tapping on ‘View Comments’. Next, tap on ‘See Comments’ to approve it. 

Your ‘active’ status will be hidden

When you restrict someone, they won’t be able to see your activity status. So, you can happily scroll through your feed without them bothering you. 

image credit: Gerd Altmann/ Pixabay
image credit: Gerd Altmann/ Pixabay

How to restrict a user on Instagram?

Restrict comments

If someone continuously bothers you with inappropriate comments, you can restrict that account through comments. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open a post’s ‘Comment Section’ with a comment from the user.

2. If you are using Android, press and hold the comment and tap on the ‘i’ icon. Then tap on ‘Restrict’.

3. On iPhone, swipe left on the comment, tap the ‘i’ icon, and choose ‘Restrict from the pop-up menu.

Note: You can restrict multiple people from your comments to keep your profile clean from unwanted comments. 

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Restrict messages

Here’s how the ‘Restrict’ option works:

1. Open the conversation of the user in your inbox. Then, tap on their ‘Profile Name’ at the top.

2. If you are using Android, scroll down and tap ‘Restrict’ to limit the account.

3. Tap the ellipsis (three-dot) icon on iPhone for more options. Then, choose ‘Restrict’.

Restrict the user’s profile

Here’s how you can restrict an Instagram user profile:

1. Open the user profile and tap the ellipsis (three-dot) icon at the top left corner.

2. Now, tap on ‘Restrict’ from the pop-up menu. 

What happens when you block an account on Instagram?

While deleting users is a good option, sometimes more is needed. That’s where the block feature comes in. The block feature offers a way to filter out a user from seeing your posts or even finding your profile on Instagram. 

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Image credit: Souvik Banerjee/ @rswebsols/ Unsplash

Blocking a user is super simple. Users aren’t notified when you block them. However, a user can click on your profile and discover that you have blocked them. Blocking a user restricts them from seeing your posts — and vice versa.

How to block a user on Instagram?

Go to the user’s profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Next, click ‘Block’. Instagram will confirm that you are looking to block said user. You can either select ‘Block’ or cancel the request altogether. 

You can unblock a user by following the same steps and clicking ‘Unblock’ instead.


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