What Inside Scoop's Caramel soy sauce (or kicap) ice cream tastes like

Vanilla ice cream in a cup, with soy sauce.
Are those brown squirls caramel or soy sauce? (Photo: Huda Hekmat for Yahoo Malaysia)

Ice cream is generally one of those foods that is liked by everyone, regardless of age.

When I was younger, my favourite ice cream were traditional flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, and on a good day, my parents would treat us to all three in a single block of Neapolitan.

But growing up, I was introduced to various other flavours, from red velvet to Asian-inspired ones like matcha and red bean.

While I was excited every time there was a new innovative flavour that popped up, I remember shaking my head at the chilli oil on vanilla ice cream trend I saw on Tiktok and thinking it was bizarre.

But, nothing would have prepared me for this — caramel soy sauce ice cream.

Who would believe this combination would make for a great ice cream flavour in Malaysia? Inside Scoop, that's who.

Yes, soy sauce. This popular staple can be found in grocery shops all over Malaysia and is used with noodles, vegetables, beef, and chicken, but Inside Scoop took it to the next level by treating their customers and creating an intriguing ice cream combination known as "Kicap Ice Cream".

Various ice cream flavours on display at Inside Scoop.
The soy sauce ice cream is the star among the other flavours from Inside Scoop. (Photo: Huda Hekmat for Yahoo Malaysia)

In honour of Soy Sauce Day, Inside Scoop collaborated with the Japanese soy sauce brand Hamadaya to come up with this limited edition flavour, which you can sample at any of their outlets until the end of October.

As an ice-cream-eating expert myself, I have tried almost every flavour by the brand.

However, when I saw the Instagram post on their page showcasing this new flavour, my initial reaction was, seriously?!

But then, I immediately texted a friend to convince her to join me on my kicap ice cream adventure.

So, we decided to head to the outlet at MyTown and give this one a go. After sampling some of the many other flavours at the shop, I finally got the courage to ask the confectioner for a scoop of their latest edition.

The moment of truth

As my friend walked happily with her coffee almond fudge, and I went in for my first mouthful of the kicap ice cream, not entirely sure what to expect.

The Jersey milk ice cream, with caramelised Hamadaya soy sauce swirls, was creamy, slightly savoury, and perfectly sweet at the same time. The nutty, toffee-like flavour gave an umami aftertaste that I enjoyed way more than I thought I would.

My immediate thought after trying it was: “This is delicious!"

I was trying hard to think of what the taste reminded me of until it hit me. It tasted exactly like the toffee I used to have as a child.

The soy sauce ice cream in a cup on a table beside its promotional pamphlet.
The soy sauce ice cream is creamy, slightly savoury, and perfectly sweet, all at the same time. (Photo: Huda Hekmat for Yahoo Malaysia

As much as I love creativity in food, I am not a big fan when there is a "twist" on a classic.

Malaysians like trying new flavours and food trends, but when we heard about Soy Sauce Ice Cream, we all initially thought that this had gone too far.

But here's a big surprise: Everyone who tried it said that soy sauce ice cream tastes great. It's interesting in the right way; it's a twist that works.

If you would like to get your hands on this limited edition before the end of October, you can purchase a scoop for RM9 or a pint for RM33 at any of the Inside Scoop outlets or on Grab, and remember, don't judge an ice cream by its sauce, you'll be soy disappointed.

Huda Hekmat is an educator, content writer, and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. She is currently doing her masters in Educational Psychology. When she isn't teaching, writing, or trying to armbar her fellow gym mates, you can find her reading a thriller, watching a stand-up comedy, or on the hunt to find the best nasi lemak in KL.

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