Inside Pele’s final resting place

STORY: This is Pele’s final resting place

Location: Ecumenical Memorial Necropolis cemetery, Brazil

[Evans Edelstein, Cemetery manager]

"The cemetery is considered by the Guinness Record organization the tallest cemetery in the world. It was designed to bring the people here to say farewell to their loved ones and have a pleasant atmosphere."

The cemetery built a mausoleum to welcome Pele

featuring two bronze statues at the entrance

[Evans Edelstein, Cemetery manager]

"We built the Pele mausoleum, which will become a tourist attraction where people will want to pay homage and visit. So, there we made a thematic mausoleum. There will be some things from the history of King Pele so that people can come here and have those pleasant memories of Pele."

Pele will reportedly rest on the ninth floor to honor his father, Dondinho

who wore the number nine shirt when he played soccer