Inside a northern Italy coronavirus hospital

The casualties of a war against an invisible enemy.

Footage shot inside Oglio Po hospital in Cremona, Italy on Thursday (March 19) shows the strain at the frontline of the battle: a hospital normally containing 50 beds now housing 120. And that's still not enough.

The sound of ventilators feeding oxygen into lungs are heard as patients lie immobile on their beds.

Some are able to sit up and signal to nursing staff behind masks. Others lie on their fronts connected to machines, unable to breathe any other way.

Italy recorded the largest ever one-day increase in coronavirus deaths on Wednesday (March 18) as the total rose by 475 to almost 3,000.

It is expected to surpass China's own death count if the situation remains unchanged.

With cases still rising, the government is considering further restrictions on the limited amount of outdoor movement currently permitted.