Inside Kabul: Taliban Use Military Vehicles, Man Whips Pedestrians on Crowded Street

Footage shot on August 17 and supplied to Storyful offers a glimpse into life in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul just days after the Taliban regained control of the war-torn Middle East country.

In these videos, shot by Gulzar Khan and compiled by Storyful, pick-up trucks with mounted machine guns are seen on streets (00:34). Later, a man can be seen whipping people walking on a crowded street, causing pedestrians to run (04:09).

An M1117 armoured vehicle, commonly used by Afghanistan’s military, can be seen parked on a street with an armed man standing nearby (06:34).

The Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital city on August 15, causing many residents to desperately rush to the airport in attempts to leave the country. Credit: Gulzar Khan via Storyful

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