Inside Amman's traditional sweet factory

STORY: Take a look inside Amman’s Lokum factory

What is Lokum?

Lokum is a traditional sweet made of starch and sugar

The Shuqair family learned how to make it in Syria in the 1920s

Location: Amman, Jordan

They then opened this factory in Jordan in the 1940s

(Fahid Shuqair, Lokum factory owner)

“I used to work abroad, in a different field. I was a western desserts chef for around 23 years. My father told me that you need to stop moving from one place to another. You have to come to learn this profession because no one from the family is left working in this profession except you. I did not oppose him and came back. He taught me this profession in one week though it is not an easy profession.”

Fahid is still using some of his family's old equipment

“It’s a difficult profession. They used to prepare it manually. They did not have this electric equipment. Three people used to do the process you just saw.”