Inside Adele's lifestyle overhaul after she ditching alcohol

Adele recently announced that she gave up alcohol and caffeine over three months ago. Pictured in May 2023 (Getty Images)
Adele recently announced that she gave up alcohol and caffeine over three months ago. Pictured in May 2023 (Getty Images)

It looks as though Adele may need to update the title to her 2021 track, I Drink Wine, after revealing she’s ditched alcohol.

The Grammy winning singer, 35, surprised many when she announced that she made the decision to go sober almost four months ago. However, the Tottenham native’s lifestyle overhaul shouldn’t come as a shock after unveiling her fitness transformation in 2019.

Over the past four years, the Hello hitmaker has been hinting at the changes she’s made to her diet and exercise routine in interviews, even explaining that the motivation behind her overhaul was down to aiding her anxiety.

Now after extending her Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas, which is no doubt taxing on both the body and mind, let’s have a look at what she’s done to aid her wellbeing to keep the show on the road.

Swapping Alcohol for Hot Tea

Earlier this month, the star revealed that she gave up booze three and a half months after admitting she was “borderline alcoholic” for the majority of her 20s.

Having previously been seen performing with a glass of wine in hand one time or another, the hitmaker is nowadays more likely to be spotted on stage with a mug of hot honey tea during her shows.

Speaking to the crowd during her 2022 BST Hyde Park concert, Adele acknowledged her stage drink of choice and revealed: “It’s hot honey, I know it’s so boring”, before quipping, “I can’t wait for the Sauvignon Blanc after babes.”

And tea seems to be a common theme in her lifestyle overhaul as matcha green tea was in part credited for her weight loss transformation in 2019.

According to reports at the time, she was following the Sirtfood diet - of which the hot beverage was heavily featured. It’s estimated that matcha green tea contains 137 times more of the antioxidants found in normal green tea, which have been found to help reduce cell damage, boost metabolism and energy. That energy she’ll need performing to adoring fans weekend after weekend in Vegas.

Anxiety-Busting Exercise

When asked about her fitness transformation back in 2021, Adele revealed she was motivated to overhaul her lifestyle to aid her mental health, telling British Vogue: “It was because of my anxiety. Working out, I would just feel better.”

She echoed these sentiments when speaking to Oprah Winfrey about the crippling anxiety she experienced following her divorce from Simon Konecki, 49, insisting that her overhaul “was never about losing weight” but for her mental wellbeing.

And her anxiety-busting exercise of choice? Like many of us, Adele enjoys a mix of things including weightlifting, circuit training, boxing and hiking to boost her serotonin. The music star admitted she relied heavily on the gym and her trainer Greg Miele in Los Angeles throughout the pandemic.

She revealed that working out three times a day at the height of Covid lockdown aided her mental health, but equally urged her to get her off her phone, which she said she became “addicted to” at the time.

Prioritising Happiness

While changing your diet and improving your fitness routines can aid your wellbeing, there's one extra thing Adele is doing that's sure to help it - and that's falling in love.

Now based in Los Angeles, the British songstress has never been happier since finding love with American sports agent Rich Paul. The pair first met seven years on the dance floor at a mutual friend’s party but it wasn’t until spring 2021, around the same time that her father passed, that the two reconnected.

Adele hasn’t kept her immense love for Paul, a secret, having previously credited him for making her "happy as I'll ever be".

“I’ve never been in love like this. I’m obsessed with him. I definitely want more kids,” she said in her cover shoot interview for UK Elle Magazine last August. “I’m just in loooove! I’m happy as I’ll ever be."