Oh Happy Day: ‘Inside Out 2’ So Feeling It With $724M WW – International Box Office

SUNDAY UPDATE: …: $724.4M global. In 12 days…

Are we back in 2019? That’s a worthwhile query given the crazy trajectory of Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 which has blasted past all expectations. The sequel is now the highest grossing movie of 2024 to date, passing Dune: Part Two.

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The overseas cume is $369.2M, soon to pass Godzilla x Kong’s $371.3M.

The international box office weekend on Inside Out 2 was a total $164.4M in 44 material markets.

In new openers, Italy debuted to the 2nd biggest industry start of all time (non-local and behind only Avengers: Endgame). At $16.2M in five days, IO2 is already the biggest movie of 2024 in the market. The opening is 291% ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4, 154% ahead of Minions: The Rise of Gru, 135% above Inside Out and 116% over The Super Mario Bros Movie.

Brazil likewise had the 2nd highest industry opening ever ($17.3M) making IO2 the top movie of the year. The debut is 2.7 times higher than Toy Story 4, 3.6 times bigger than Incredibles 2 and 3x higher than Super Mario as well as 9.8x higher than Inside Out.

Spain’s $13.1M start is the best ever for an animated film and the top launch of 2024 at 451% ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4, as well as 397% above Inside Out.

France at $12.8M gave Pixar its biggest opening weekend ever; 191% ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4  and 165% above Inside Out,. China grossed $10.3M to cover 78% of the lifetime of the original film in the first three days.

Elsewhere, IO2 held the No. 1 non-local spot in all markets save the Middle East and dropped just 22% overall. Key market holds include Germany (-9%), Australia (-16%), Korea (-16%) and Mexico (-27%).

IO2 is now within the Top 10 all-time grossers in Mexico (#5), Colombia (#4), Uruguay (#4), Central America (#9), Ecuador (#9), Paraguay (#10) and the Philippines (#10).

In Latin America, the regional gross is $147M from just 11 days of release. Europe accounts for $135M across 12 days and Asia-Pacific $84M.

The Top 10 markets to date are Mexico ($63.9M), UK ($29.2M), Korea ($29M), Germany ($17.9M), Brazil ($17.3M), Italy ($16.2M), Argentina ($15.3M), Spain ($13.1M), Australia ($12.8M) and France ($12.8M).

The Imax gross is $32.2M to date globally.

In more family fun, Illumination/Universal’s Despicable Me 4 started early play in four markets with $9.35M and amid some record-breaking debuts. In Australia, DM4 kicked off with $4.7M on 311 screens for the biggest opening of the franchise excluding previews. Staggered holidays are afoot in Oz across the next weeks.

In Argentina, DM4 grossed $3.5M to mark the best start of the franchise dollar-wise and 2nd best in terms of admissions (in line with DM3). It’s also the 2nd best Illumination opening ever, topping Super Mario. Thursday and Friday were the best of the franchise, boosted by national holidays and the voice talent of Maria Becerra. New Zealand’s $860K was the best opening of the franchise excluding previews.

Rollout on DM4 continues throughout July.

In holdovers, Sony’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die keeps on rolling with another $24.1M from 66 markets. The international cume is now $142.2M for $289.1M global. China led new openers with $2.8M over two days, followed by Japan with $1M. In notable continued play, Saudi Arabia was down just 13% at No. 1 to lift the market cume to $15M, the highest for a Hollywood title since Top Gun: Maverick.

*The Bikeriders
(UNI): $4M intl weekend (49 markets); $4M intl cume/$14M global
The Garfield Movie (SNY): $3.7M intl weekend (61 markets); $145.5M intl cume/$230.7M global
*Hijack 1971 (SNY): $3.5M intl weekend (Korea and Taiwan)
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (WB): $2.5M intl weekend (70 markets); $102M intl cume/$168M global
The Watchers (WB): $1.5M intl weekend (71 markets); $12.2M intl cume/$29.9M global
IF (PAR): $1.4M intl weekend (59 markets); $74.7M intl cume/$181.3M global
*Denotes new

PREVIOUS SATURDAY UPDATE: Emotions are running higher and higher — in the best of senses — as Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 has, through Friday, now grossed $545.1M globally. At this rate, and with so many markets firing, the worldwide cume through Sunday is well poised to be above $650M.

Currently through Friday, and across 44 international box office markets, the overseas cume is $259.4M including yesterday’s overseas haul of $32.7M. Among the offshore hubs there are some mind-blowing numbers. Mexico will pass $50M today.

In Latin America, the movie is No. 1 and in just nine days has become the biggest title of the year — also surpassing the lifetime of the first Inside Out.

Meanwhile, Italy yesterday saw the highest grossing 1st Friday for a Hollywood title ever. The gross there through Friday is $9.3M.

Across Europe, Middle East and Africa, IO2 was down just 26% from last Friday, with some markets increasing, including Germany.

Friday added China which, as noted yesterday, opened to $2.6M (through today, and not included in the total above, it’s at nearly $7M with very strong social scores).

The Top 5 markets through Friday are: Mexico ($49.3M), UK ($21.6M), Korea ($20.1M), Germany ($13.1M) and Argentina ($12.3M).

More to come…

FRIDAY UPDATE: There’s yet more joy in Inside Out 2 box office land as Thursday propelled the Disney/Pixar sequel to $481.4M worldwide. The half-billion milestone will be next once Friday’s numbers are tallied tomorrow.

In 43 international box office markets yesterday, Inside Out 2 added $23.4M for a running offshore cume of $226.7M.

Brazil joined the gang on Thursday with $3.2M, giving the movie a No. 1 launch that is the biggest opening day of all time for an animated title and the 5th highest for any film ever. It’s also tops overall for the year so far.

In holdover overseas markets, the Kelsey Mann-directed juggernaut was off 36% in Latin America versus its record-breaking start last Thursday. Across Europe, Middle East and Africa, the movie was up 2%.

Meanwhile, China opened today with an estimated $2.6M (not included in the totals above). This portends a weekend in the $10M range. IO2 has a 9.5 audience score from Maoyan (which is the best for any Hollywood movie so far this year, and above the 9.0 score of the original). The sequel is expected ultimately to best the first film’s final of $15.3M.

Through Thursday, the Top 10 markets are Mexico ($45M), UK ($19.7M), Korea ($18.5M), Germany ($11.5M), Argentina ($10.7M), Philippines ($9.1M), Central America ($8.9M), Australia ($8.2M), Colombia ($8M) and Chile ($7.4M).

We’ll have more updates throughout the weekend.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY: Wednesday was yet another joyous day for Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 as the sequel set opening benchmarks in new overseas releasing markets. The full offshore day was $29M (22% of the weekend), lifting the international box office cume to $203.3M in 42 markets, and global to $438.7M. The half a billion worldwide mark is around the corner.

Yesterday saw the offshore additions of Italy, France, Spain and Belgium with each giving the charmer a No. 1 launch. In just those markets, Wednesday was $12.3M (including previews).

With $4.2M, Italy logged the biggest opening day of all time for an animated title, the 7th best ever for any film (non-local) and the biggest overall opening day post-Covid. This is also the 4th biggest Disney opening day of all time after Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King and Avengers: Infinity War (excluding previews). The debut was 397% ahead of Inside Out, 136% above The Super Mario Bros Movie and 91% ahead of Minions: The Rise of Gru.

France scored the 3rd biggest Pixar opening day of all time and the biggest overall of the year. The $4M take was 171% ahead of Inside Out and 31% ahead of Super Mario.

As with Italy, Spain also gave Inside Out 2 the biggest opening day of all time for an animated title and the top start post-Covid with $3.3M.

At $700K, Belgium provided the biggest launch day ever for Pixar, and the 3rd best for a Disney or Pixar animated film. The start was 133% bigger than the original and 34% above Rise of Gru.

Brazil opens today, and China gets on board on Friday.

The top markets through Wednesday are Mexico (and its staggering $42.2M), the UK ($18.7M), Korea ($17.6M), Germany ($10.8M) and Argentina ($9.4M). 

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